Saturday, August 31, 2013

Minion 4.5 inch by Thinkway Toys

Minion Stuart

Despicable Me 2 is coming out soon this summer and I’m pretty excited, I really liked the first one. Agnes was definitely my favorite character in the movie, but the minions were a pretty close second. So I’m really excited that minion toys are hitting the shelves!

Name: Minion Stuart with Fart Dart Launcher
Company: Think Way Toys
Back Story: Stuart is one of Gru’s little yellow minions from the movie Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. There doesn’t seem to be too much difference between one minion and another.
Packaging: Simple plastic bubble on cardboard, everything was very easy to get out.
Height: 4.5″
Number of Joints: 6 on his limbs, plus the moving eye and mouth parts if you count that. The logo on his overalls is a button that closes his eye and mouth. It’s a simple mechanism but I think it adds to Stuart’s fun factor without being super expensive (there is also a $40 8″ version that talks and farts and moves much more). The arms have good movement, but the feet only rotate side to side. He is surprisingly stable and lightweight too.
MinionStuart (11)
MinionStuart (12)
Hair and Face: Stuarts face takes up about half of his body and that’s probably what makes minions so cute! I love his one giant eye, and the silver goggle part isn’t just painted, it’s a separate piece of plastic. His hair is molded and painted on top of his head which is ok because in the movie Stuart’s hair is pretty flat. On one of the minions with hair sticking up this would be more disappointing, I’d like some little hairs poking out of the plastic. Although it’s hard to keep track of what all their names are in the movie.
MinionStuart (24)
The back of Stuart has lots of exposed screw holes, but they aren’t too bad looking.
Clothing: Stuart’s overalls are molded on as well but are very detailed with pockets, stitching, buttons and even a fly. He also has molded on black gloves and shoes.
MinionStuart (22)
Accessories: There are two minions of this size for sale, Stuart and Dave. They each come with a launcher gun accessory, Stuart with a “fart dart launcher” and Dave with a boring old rocket launcher. The fart dart launcher consists of a gun that can snap onto Stuart’s arm and kindof look like he’s actually holding it, and two fart darts that snap into a plus shaped hole on the front of the gun. A little button near the front of the gun shoots the fart dart out (and it goes a pretty good ways too). There is also a pump of sorts on the back end that moves in and out, but doesn’t seem to have much use. I like the details on the gun, but it only seems to fit well on Stuart’s right arm and then a lot of the details of the gun are hidden by his body.
MinionStuart (21)

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