Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stealth launch batmobile

Feature: Includes in-scale 5" Batman and Joker figures Includes two vehicles: The Dark Knight Stealth Launch Batmobile TM & the Batpod TM One touch of a button and the Batmobile becomes a missile launcher Exclusive silver Batmobile detailing Extra projectile action with four Batmobile projectiles Product Description The Dark Knight must use the Stealth Launch BatmobileTM. With the Batmobile and BatpodTM, Batman can take down the Joker and his criminals, restoring peace to Gotham City. One touch of a button on the Stealth Launch BatmobileTM reveals twin projectile missiles, becoming a launcher for hours of battle-play fun. Includes two vehicles and in-scale 5" Batman and Joker figures.

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