Sunday, September 2, 2012


DC Universe Classics - Series 12 - Set of 7 with Darkseid BAF
This set of 8 figures will include all of the parts necessary for the Darkseid Collect-to-Connect figure, along with the following figures:

1x Spectre (regular version)
1x Eclipso
1x Dr. Mid-nite
1x Iron
1x Mary Batson - Red Outfit
1x Desaad with Super Powers stand
1x Copperhead
Product Number: MAT11845
Shipping Weight: 5.71 pounds

DC Universe Classics Wave 12 Action Figure - The DC Universe Classics assortment features characters from the entire DC Comics universe. each figure stands approximately 6" tall and features highly detailed authentic sculpts and superior articulation. Each character includes a piece of a figure collectors can collect and assemble to create a character.

The bid consist of 7 unopen DC figure from wave 12

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